Saturday, March 12, 2011

NAG 2011 (Part 4 - Who Would You Think Will Be The Age Group Champions?)

Today is the big day for  Malaysian chess junior players. Nearly 400 of them will show their chess skills, strategy and tactics to win their respective categories - U8, U10, U12, U14, U16 and U18 both Boys and Girls separately. Their parents are eager too to see how their beloved children play and perform in the much awaited age group tournament. Some could not make it including GiLoCatur. GiLoCatur just follow the chess championship from home. 

So, who will become the champions? Who will get the FIDE scholarship as one of the prizes and attraction? Who do you think will be crowned the winners for each age group category? 

Below are GiLoCatur's prediction to be the champions:

U18 Girls - Winnie Hong Wee Ni (Selangor)
U18 Boys - Fong Yit San (Perak) - home advantage? we'll see about that.

U16 Girls - Amira Syahmina Zullkafli (Selangor) - it's hard to choose because most of them are not active lately but GiLoCatur believes Amira as the MSSM's P15 champion will make it to the podium 
U16 Boys - Yeap Eng Chiam (Wilayah Persekutuan KL) 

U14 Girls - WCM Nur Nabila Azman (Selangor)
U14 Boys - Tan Wei Hao (Wilayah Persekutuan KL)

U12 Girls - WFM Nur Najiha Azman (Selangor) 
U12 Boys - Ooi Zhi Yang (Penang)

U10 Girls - Puteri Munajjah AzZahra Azhar (Selangor)
U10 Boys - Wong Yinn Long (Penang) - watch out for CM Amier Hamzah Mohd Zuhri and Teh De Juan! Both have quality and experience ... 

U8 Girls - Goh Jie Yi (Penang)
U8 Boys - Mohd Faqih Aminuddin (Selangor)

This is GiLoCatur's prediction. Surely, you have your own. To all the other players who participate, prove that Uncle GiLoCatur is wrong! Prove that you can become the champion. Give your best! Show your fighting spirit. BEST OF LUCK TO ALL!

By the way, GiLoCatur believes it is very important TO ENJOY THE GAME! 

To those who would like to follow the NAG, check out this blog too. Based on the photos from Yit San's The Fongs' new blog here, GiLoCatur very impresses with the tournament venue hall. It is not the same one as the 1st National Rapid Chess Championship held in UTP last year which GiLoCatur attended. 

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