Saturday, March 12, 2011

NAG 2011 - (Part 7 : Updates on Under 14 Category)

Under 14 Girls

Three players from three different states are leading the pack in Under 14 Girls category. They are Nur Nabila from Selangor, Camelia Johari from KL and Chuah Yi Ning from Penang. They performed very well on the first day of the tournament by winning all their respective games. In the fourth round early tomorrow morning, Yi Ning will play white against Nabila while Camilia will face Tjin Hui from Penang playing black. Can Yi Ning stop Nabila from her winning streak? Does higher rating really helps Camilia to win against her white opponent? You can check this age group results here tomorrow.

Under 14 Boys

The top two seeds succumbed to defeat in the second round today for the Under 14 Boys section. Lim Winsen from Penang and Shreyes Subramaniam from Pahang are the happy players. Both of them with three other players - Kah Howe (Penang), Wei Hao (KL) and Subramanian (N9), won all their three rounds today. The fight will become more challenging and tight on the second day tomorrow. Stay tune to know the results. Can Wei Hao win all his three games tomorrow to make it closer to become the champion as GiLoCatur predicted earlier?

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