Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sarawak Closed

(GiLoCatur photo collection)

In the above building where GiLoCatur with both Fikri and Irfan Haqqim played in the Sarawak Chess Open in November 2008.

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Below is the details of Sarawak Closed as per sent by Mr Lim Kian Hwa, the president of Sarawak Chess Association.

Dear Chess Friends,

Sarawak Chess Association will be organising 2010 Sarawak Closed Chess Championship from 28 to 30 May 2010 at Borneo Chess Academy (BCA), Jalan Song (Adjacent block to Upwell), Kuching, Sarawak

The schedule

Entrance fees are RM20/= for PCS members and RM30/= for non-PCS members.
Youth 16 years and below and ladies shall enjoy half of these rates.

The top 4 winners of this event will represent Sarawak in National/International event for the current session. The likely events are :
a. Merdeka Team Chess Championship
b. Malaysia Inter-State Chess Championship
c. Borneo Cup Chess Championship etc.

Beside, there are cash prizes totaling RM1,200 with several prizes reserved for youth.

Interested Sarawakian players may register with any of the followings before 25 May 2010. Malaysians who are currently working or studying in Sarawak may also participate provided they have been in Sarawak for more than 2 years.

SMS to the followings bearing the words “Chess Close”, name and year of birth is acceptable.

Morsin Ahmad 012-8949415
Abg. Mohd. Reduan 019-8887786
Hj. Mohd. Nasir 019-8860323
Lim Kian Hwa 016-8603180

Please help to inform other chess players or disseminate the information on your chess columns, blogspots or websites.


Lim Kian Hwa
President, Sarawak Chess Association

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