Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Homestay - An Alternative Accommodation For Chess Players

Homestay is getting popular in Malaysia. What is HOMESTAY actually? Below is as per what Wikipedia defines it.

"Homestay is a form of tourism and/or study abroad program that allows the visitor to rent a room from a local family to better learn the local lifestyle as well as improve their language ability"

Why GiLoCatur wants to talk about it? Actually, GiLoCatur is surveying a homestay for a stay in Kangar during the MSSM Chess Championship that will be held during the first week of the June school break. It is much cheaper rather than staying in a hotel. The chess contingent for MSSD Petaling Perdana was staying in a couple of homestays during the MSS Selangor Chess Championship in mid April. GiLoCatur believes staying at a homestay should be part of the plan for a chess family who participate in an out of town chess tournaments or events. For the NAG tournament in Penang in last March, GiLoCatur had to spend more than 400 Malaysian Ringgits for a stay of four days. If GiLoCatur and family stays at a homestay, it will cost half of the amount.

Therefore, GiLoCatur decides to stay at a homestay during the MSSM Chess Championship that GiLoCatur and family will stay overnight in Kangar for four or five nights. Surely, GiLoCatur needs not to learn about the language of the local family but the appropriately chosen surroundings of the homestay can be an excellent experience to learn a local lifestyle and for a vacation.

As of now, Mata Ayer Homestay (check out for further details in its blog as per above) is the first choice for GiLoCatur. From what GiLoCatur understands, the homestay has a pineapple garden that impresses GiLoCatur. Below is the picture of a "PELIK" or strange / abnormal pineapple taken from http://plantingpineapple.blogspot.com/.

So, folks especially for chess players who participate in chess tournaments in PERLIS, you have an alternative accommodation if you visit PERLIS and wants to enjoy the lifestyle there. All foreign visitors and holiday makers are also welcome to stay in the homestays to experience the Malaysian lifestyles especially the agroculture and fabolous natures. Just contact them to make the booking and arrangement.


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