Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Report & Photos of Stonemaster Laguna Park Chess Tournament

GiLoCatur and all the three kids played in the Stonemaster Laguna Park Chess Tournament today. The six-rounds tournament is the second one held at the Seri Nelayan Restaurant located at the Klang West Port owned by Encik Abdul Malek Sayuti (below picture with white shirt) who also played.

GiLoCatur registered in the Open category while the kids participated in the Juniors category. For this edition, there are only two categories - the Open and the Juniors.

Encik Abdul Malek was focussing on his chess board

GiLoCatur in the final round

How GiLoCatur fared in this tournament? GiLoCatur won two and lost the other four meaning the score is just 2/6. GiLoCatur was not really concern about the results as GiLoCatur is not a strong chess player. GiLoCatur just enjoyed the games in this tournament.

In the first round, GiLoCatur played against Nur Nabila at the 4th table. Not a bad game actually. Nabila had the endgame advantage compared to GiLoCatur's poor endgame technique and strategy. GiLoCatur won the second round playing white against Mohd Aidil Abdul Manap. In the third round, Abdul Salam Maamor, a stronger opponent, defeated GiLoCatur while Khairul Azam Mastuki, one of the Burger King sparring regulars, won in the fourth round. In the fifth round, GiLoCatur was paired against a lady teacher named Idawati Suliman. Actually, GiLoCatur made a blunder in this game but luckily managed to win at the end. In the last round, GiLoCatur could not win against the opponent named Zulkifli Mohamad (the above picture).

Encik Azhar MS also participated in this tournament

There are few dramatic chess matches in this tournament. One of them is the game at table #6 between Vickie Hong and Yee Jian Yang in the final round of the Juniors section. Both their fathers were tense and nervous too watching their match.

Ustaz Zamri Sajari was in deep thought before making a move

GiLoCatur's chess buddies - Mohd Fauzi Ahim (left) and Sahir Sarifdin (right), also participated in the tournament. Both were among the winners. Fauzi was not very well while Sahir had a battery problem with his car. But due to the love of chess both of them came by the way. The latter had to fork out 40 Malaysian Ringgits out of his pocket for a taxi fare. GiLoCatur salutes both of them for their determination.This kind of determination is needed in the Malaysian chess.

Mohd Fauzi Ahim and Syed Abdul Rahman were involved in a very dramatic battle in the fourth round at table #3.

Another GiLoCatur's chess buddy participated in the tournament, Khairul Azam Mastuki.

A very tense moment for the chess match at the top board in the fifth round between Fikri Saleh and Winnie Hong Wee Ni, both Bukit Jelutong residents. A very supportive Mr Hong (in red shirt) was watching her daughter in action. The winner was decided by the flagship of the chess clock. GiLoCatur would freeze by time pressure. There is a debatable observation regarding gender and time pressure. GiLoCatur observes and believes that male chess players are better than female chess players in time pressure. Who agree? Who disagree?

What a dramatic moment when Mohd Hussin Jamil (orange shirt in the above picture) collapsed because of a "black out" or 'pitam' after he just completed his first round against Premnath Kanagenthiran. No one knows why? After a short "cool-off" he continued his games. In the final round, he was involved in a dramatic chess match when he played against the top seed, Ahmad Fadzil Nayan at table #2 (below picture). Hussin managed to win the game and won the second spot after scoring 5/6 points.

The champion of the Open category - Mohd Nabil Azman

The champion of the Juniors category - Fikri Saleh

Azhar Mohd Said pointed out to GiLoCatur that the champion for the Open category is also the B18L category champion of the MSS Selangor while the champion for the Juniors category is also the B15L category of the similar championship.

Check out here the final standings for the MSS Selangor Chess Championship held in Sabak Bernam in last April.

So, congratulations to all the winners!

How about the results of the other two kids?

Anis Fariha scored 4/6 points after winning four and losing two. She lost to Vickie Hong and Puteri Rifqah in the second and fifth round respectively. With that, she won the Top Best Girl in the Juniors section.

While Fahim Al-Faqeh tried his best in the tournament even though he has a fever. He won 3 and lost 3 games. He won his 2nd, 3rd and 6th rounds. His determination in his final round due to the "hot fever" would make GiLoCatur more supportive of his chess endeavour and journey.

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