Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nicholas Chan Won the 37th Selangor Open

The 37th Selangor Open chess tournament just ended. GiLoCatur and family left the tournament venue early since feeling not very well. We just arrived home after having an early dinner cum birthday celebration for Anis who will turn 12th next Wednesday. Furthermore, tonight will be a big game for all the Chelsea fans including GiLoCatur.

Didier Drogba, one of the reasons why GiLoCatur is a Chelsea fan
(picture from

Since GiLoCatur had a program this morning, GiLoCatur arrived at DATCC at around 3.00pm, after about half-hour the last round i.e. ninth began. In the morning, GiLoCatur just dropped both Fikri and Anis at DATCC at around 9.00am, an hour before the eighth round starts. Thus, GiLoCatur could not take the photos of the tournament's final day. GiLoCatur also missed to snap the eighth round pairings.

By the way, who is the champion? The answer is Nicholas Chan who drew the last round against Muhd Syazwan. If GiLoCatur is not mistaken, Nicholas won six and drew three games which accumulates to 7.5/9 points. GiLoCatur is waiting for the final standing. Once received, it will be posted in this blog. So, come again to check it out!

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