Friday, April 23, 2010

DATCC 3rd KL Team Chess League

The above are the results of Round 4 of the DATCC 3rd KL Team Chess League. Sixteen (16) chess teams are participating.

Three teams won convincingly in Round 4 - Kam Mah, Team AU and Excel Chess Team. Kam Mah won against Think Big who was anchored by the current chess prodigy, Li Tian. He managed to draw with IM Jimmy Liew on first board. The other point for Think Big came from Li Tian's father, Mr Yeoh Chin Seng who drew with Abdullah Che Hassan on the third board.

Muhd Izz Saifuddin of Nusa Mahkota Chess Club managed to score the only point (1/2) after a draw with Jax Tham of Team AU. While Excel Chess team led by Zhou Ren won all the four boards against their younger counterpart, First Saturday Chess team led by Roshan.

Camilia who played the fourth board for CS Solutions Ladies team managed to upset Sahir from 17 Chess Club team. It is based on their FIDE ratings where the latter has more than 200+ ratings higher than the former.

The above is the pairings of Round 5 for the DATCC 3rd KL Team Chess League. The top board match up shall be very interesting GiLoCatur believes. The battle is between Team AU (white) and Kam Mah (black).

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