Sunday, April 11, 2010

GiLoCatur Participated In UiTM Chess Open

Yesterday, Saturday 10 April, GiLoCatur participated in the UiTM Chess Open. UiTM is a local university which the main campus is located in Shah Alam. GiLoCatur is an alumnus of the university which during GiLoCatur days was just known as ITM, not a university yet. GiLoCatur was a student of KPP/ITM then TIEC, a consortium with Texas State Education, back in late 80's.

Eventually, GiLoCatur played against a nemesis opponent, Fauzi Ahim, one of the Friday night sparring players. Yet rated but Fauzi has the strength of 1400 to 1500 player which is about 200 to 300 higher that GiLoCatur. Before the game, we provoked each other and made our chess match a personal battle.

Fauzi 1, GiLoCatur 0

Each of us was concentrating and focussing on our game to outwit each other. We fought hard against each other to avoid the humiliation and torture after the defeat. What is the final outcome? GiLoCatur lacked a tempo to checkmate Fauzi. He outsmarted GiLoCatur with a trap using a Queen and a rook. For sure, our personal battle and chess encounter will not stop here. We will battle again in other chess tournament. Come to visit this blog regularly for our next encounter.

The champion of the tournament is Syakir Shazmeer who won 6 and drew one to accumulate 6.5/7 points. For the final standings, go this link. About 74 players participated which include adults and juniors. Several district chess players whom will participate in the Selangor MSS chess championship in Sabak Bernam next week also took the opportunity to have a warm up session by entering the tourney including two of GiLoCatur's beloved children.

Please come back later for the photos of the tournament.

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