Friday, April 2, 2010

KL Open - Some Statistics

Come this April 7, the Malaysian chess community has the opportunity to see several foreign Grandmasters battle on chess boards in our soil. About twenty (20) Malaysian chess players will get the chance to play among the titled players.

How many titled players will participate? As of 1st April, 62 titled players including 12 GMs, 4 WGMs, 20 IMs and 3 WIMs are among the players list. Malaysia has 5 titled players participating. Only three countries are represented by more than 20 players - India and Indonesia are the other two besides the host country, Malaysia.

IM Mok will lead the Malaysian players. He is the only one who are among the 2400s Elo ratings. FM Nicholas Chan is not far behind. Out of 20, only four is yet FIDE-rated. GiLoCatur hopes all the four will get the FIDE-ratings in this tournament. Among the list, there are Azman Hisham siblings and Lee brothers. Only two women, actually young ladies among the Malaysian group. GiLoCatur notices that it is about equal for both seniors and juniors.

GiLoCatur hopes all our players have made enough preparation both physically and mentally. Be confident, brave and strong especially to debutants and juniors in facing strong opponents. Surely, precious experience and exposure will be gained in the tournament.


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