Monday, April 26, 2010

Selangor Open - 2 (The Champions of Past 2 Editions)

GiLoCatur just want to refresh who are the last two editions champions of the Selangor Open. Surely many especially those who had participated still remember.

FM Nicholas Chan - The Champion of 36th edition (2009)

Seeded second behind IM Mas, FM Nicholas won 6 and drew 2 games to score 8/9 points. The opponents he drew were (then-FM) Yee Weng and Ian Udani in the fifth and seventh round respectively. He got the winning edge when he defeated the top seed in the sixth round.

Will he defend the championship? It looks YES when GiLoCatur notices his name is among the pre-registered list as per published in the official blog of CAS. GiLoCatur did not see Mas and Yee Weng in the list. Maybe they are tight up with their work commitment.

(FM) Lim Yee Weng - The Champion of 35th edition (2008)

Even though did not play in the sixth round, IM Yee Weng still managed to win the 35th edition. He scored 7.5/9 points leaving Ronnie and Nicholas halfpoint behind. With 7 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat (coz not playing), Yee Weng was crowned as the champion for the 35th champion. His fourth round is the turning point in GiLoCatur's opinion, when he managed to win against the top seed. Then he drew in the next round with the third seed and the eventual first runner up.

So, who will it be in this year's 37th edition? Please come back again to find out. Based on the pre-registration list, GiLoCatur notices several new comers or first timers. One of them is Suniil Kalivanan, Fikri's teammate in the recent MSS Selangor Chess Championship. GiLoCatur also believes there are several players who make a comeback.

So, see ya at the SELANGOR OPEN!

credit for the above photos : the official blog of CAS

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