Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ibrahim Nash And His Boys

GiLoCatur believes many are wondering who are the "Mat Salleh" fella and two teenage boys in the above picture. They do not look like typical Malaysians but the boys are in Malaysian school uniform.

Actually, the "Mat Salleh" is known as Ibrahim Nash. He is an American who is married to a Malaysian wife. He loves chess and very occasionally play in local chess tournament. GiLoCatur has been seeing him in MSSD Petaling Perdana chess tournament for the last few years. He stays in Section 9 Shah Alam where his kids are studying in the primary and secondary schools there.

This year GiLoCatur bumped into him in the MSSD Petaling Perdana both primary and secondary schools. One of his boys was playing in Under 18 category while another was playing in Under 15. Meanwhile, his daughter was playing in the primary school championship held at her school. Not a bad result actually for his boys when they seldom play in local chess tournaments, just once a year in the scholastic championship.

What really impresses GiLoCatur about Nash is that he is very supportive of his children playing chess. He will guide, monitor and motivate them passionately. Such dedication and effort shall be a role model to other parents.

And GiLoCatur is confident that Nash will be around in next year's MSSD Petaling Perdana tournament where Insya Allah we will meet each other again to support our kids.

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