Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Results of PP District in the Recent MSSS Chess Tournament

How was the results of PP (Petaling Perdana) District in the MSSS Chess Tournament held from 24th until 26th February 2009 in Sepang? Not too bad, in fact PP is just short 5 points to be the overall champion. It won second place with 99 points behind Gombak District with 104 points. PP scores the highest i.e. 40 points in the team event but Gombak (69 points) edged PP (59 points)  in the individual event by 10 points. 

Below are the summary of the results:

Overal : 2nd place
Team Event :
  • Lelaki 18 - 7th place
  • Perempuan 18 - 2nd place
  • Lelaki 15 - 1st place
  • Perempuan 15 - 2nd place
  • Lelaki 12 - 4th place
  • Perempuan 12 - 5th place

Just the Lelaki 18 team did not get the medal, while the rest managed to be on the podium.

Individual Event :
  • Lelaki 18 - Joshua Panir Selvam : Champion
  • Lelaki 15 - Low Jun Jian : Champion
  • Perempuan 15 - Winnie Hong Wee Ni : 2nd place, Vickie Hong Wee Ki : 3rd place
  • Perempuan 12 - Anis Fariha Binti Saleh : 6th place
All the above individual winners will be part of the Selangor chess contigent in the MSSM Chess Championship to be held from 16th to 20th March 2009 at the Goldcourse Hotel, Klang. BEST OF LUCK to all of them and hope they will be successful and make their parents, schools, PP district and SELANGOR proud.  

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