Wednesday, March 18, 2009

MSSM 2009 Team Event - Round 4

KL and Kedah, both after 3 wins, face each other. Five other teams including Selangor have 4 points each.

In the Under 18 Girls section, only Johor and Kelantan with the perfect 6 points after 3 wins. Selangor faces KL on the second board.

In L15 category, four states shares 5 points including Selangor. It faces Johor on the first board.

Three top teams with 5 points are Sabah, Kelantan and Kedah. Sabah faces Kelantan on the first board.

In L12 category, both Selangor and KL plays each other in the first board. Both states won all their 3 games so far. 

In P12 section, once again the rivalry between Selangor and KL take place. Selangor the only team so far with the perfect 3 wins, needs to win this important game to continue its hope to be win this team event.

The unofficial result for Under 12 categories are :

  • KL won the Boys section with 3 - 1 score
  • Selangor won the Girls section also with the same scoreline, 3 - 1

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