Sunday, April 9, 2017


Sunday, 9th April 2017

Today is the second day of the 3rd SKBJ Junior Chess Championship. There are two categories for the primary school pupils - Under 9 Years Old and Under 12 Years Old (ie 10 to 12 years old). 

Looking at the Ranking List after Round 6 as below, GiLoCatur is quite sad because "SKBJ HEBAT CATUR" looks gone. Only two SKBJ players in the Top 10 List for Under 9 category at 3rd and 7th place respectively. While no SKBJ player in the Top 10 List for Under 12 category.  

Ranking after R6 - Under 9 

Ranking after R6 - Under 12

Being the SKBJ pupils between 2003 to 2014, all the three of GiLoCatur's children were part of "SKBJ HEBAT CATUR".

Fikri (2008)

Having played chess for less than a year, Fikri was the only SKBJ L12 chess player managed to represent MSSD Petaling District in the 2008 MSSS Chess Championship. And he anchored the SKBJ L12 chess team for a Silver medal in the L12 team event. He made SKBJ proud for being on the podium for both Individual and Team Under 12 Boys event in the state championship. It was a bit unfortunate for him for not representing MSS Selangor in the MSSM Chess Championship after a play-off selection.

Fikri at MSSS 2008

Fikri - MSSS 2018 L12 Individual Winners

Fikri and his PP MSSD L12 Team Mates

Anis Fariha (2008 - 2010)

Anis joined his elder brother in the MSSD chess championship in 2008 when she was in Standard 4. She missed to represent the Petaling Perdana MSSD after just being 6th in the final ranking P12 Individual event. Alhamdulillah, she was also on the podium after winning the fourth place in the team event with her three other team mates.

The 2009 and 2010 editions of the Petaling Perdana MSSD chess championship were the great moments for Anis and SKBJ. She helped SKBJ to become "HEBAT CATUR" after becoming champions for both the Individual and Team P12 events.

Anis were among several SKBJ pupils who represent the Petaling Perdana MSSD in the MSSS chess championship. She continued to bring glory for SKBJ in the MSSM chess championship after winning one Gold medal and one Silver medal. To the knowledge of GiLoCatur, the Gold medal won by Anis in the 2009 MSSM chess championship is the first one for SKBJ in the championship.

Anis Fariha at MSSM 2010 - Silver medal & Best Board medal

Anis Fariha at MSSM 2009 - Gold medal

Anis Fariha at MSSS 2009 - 6th Place P12 Individual

Fahim Al-Faqeh (2010 - 2014)

Unlike his elder brother and elder sister, Fahim began early in playing chess.  Fahim had represented SKBJ in the MSS chess championships since he was in Standard 2. 

Among Fahim's achievements in the MSS scholastic chess championship during the five years tenure for "SKBJ HEBAT CATUR" which include 5 consecutive years in MSSD (2010-2014), 4 consecutive years in MSSS (2011-2014) and two consecutive years in MSSM (2013 & 2014) are:
  • Gold medal in L12 Individual event (2014, MSSD)
  • Gold medal in L12 Individual event (2013, MSSS)
  • Best Board medal in L12 team event (2013, MSSS)
  • Gold medal in L12 Team event (three consecutive years, 2012, 2013, 2014, both MSSD and MSSS)
  • Silver medal in L12 Team event (2011, MSSS)
  • Silver medal in L12 Individual event (2014, MSSS)
  • Bronze medal in L12 Individual event (2013, MSSD)
  • 5th Place in L12 Individual event (2014, MSSM)

Fahim at MSSS 2014 

Fahim at MSSS 2013 

Fahim at PP MSSD 2011

Both GiLoCatur and wife are very grateful to the Mighty Allah for these achievements by all the three of our children in chess especially in the MSS scholastic chess championships and for SKBJ "HEBAT CATUR" but, honestly, a bit frustrated for a lack of appreciation from the school and its administrators for all the contribution to make SKBJ becomes "HEBAT CATUR".

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