Sunday, April 30, 2017

Impressive "Girl" In The 44th Selangor Chess Open

The 44th Edition of the Selangor Chess Open is entering its 6th round out of total 9 rounds. There are two categories in the championship which are The Open section and the Challenger section. 

What GiLoCatur wants to write in this blog entry is about a small girl, 9 years old, which has impressive results thus far in the Open section. GiLoCatur just knew and firstly noticed about the girl during the International Classical Chess Championship (ICCC) being held a month ago. In the ICCC last month, the girl took part in the Challenger section.

The girl had won against a WCM opponent and drew with an IM opponent in the third round and fifth round respectively. In the fourth round, she defeated 2000-elo-rated opponent.

Would you like to know who the "Girl" is?

The name of the girl is Samantha Edithso, a nine-year-old chess player from Indonesia.

The "Girl" versus Fahim in the second round of ICCC 2017

The "Girl" versus an adult opponent in the ICCC 2017 last month

The "Girl" performance up to 5th round in the ongoing Selangor Chess Open

The "Girl" will be on the 10th Board versus a Filipino opponent in the 6th round
Let's see if the impressive performance continues in the final three rounds.

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