Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Good Bye Viet Nam

It is 2.45 pm on Wednesday, 20th June 2012, afternoon. GiLoCatur and family along with a number of Malaysian chess contingent are waiting the AK869 flight at Da Nang airport after the 13th Asean+ Age Group Chess Championship. GiLoCatur had been staying about ten days in Hue city and an overnight in Da Nang. 

It is time for GiLoCatur to say "Good Bye" for Vietnam. GiLoCatur managed to explore both cities even though busy at the chess tournament. It is a learning experience for GiLoCatur on Vietnam and its people. Hopefully, GiLoCatur and family will come again to Vietnam in the future.

in front of Pefume River in Hue City

GiLoCatur is very amazed at the natural beauty of the country. Exploring Vietnam by mini van, cab, boat and foot in ten days has given GiLoCatur new experience and knowledge. Since travelling is one of GiLoCatur's hobbies and interest, sweet moments and experience will be cherished and remembered always.

GiLoCatur in Da Nang

Good Bye, Vietnam!

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