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MSSM Chess Championship - Day 1

Kuala Terengganu, Monday 4th June 2012.

It is Day 1 of MSSM Chess Championship for the year 2012 edition. The first round began at 2.30 pm and ended three hours later. Many Malaysian chess enthusiasts especially the players' parents including GiLoCatur would like to know the results but unfortunately it is not immediately available. GiLoCatur had to contact both Fikri and Anis to know their team results.

Fikri who is playing for Wilayah Persekutuan (WP) in the L18 (Under 18 Boys) team event won his game today. His team won convincingly 4 - 0 against Sarawak. Alhamdulillah, his younger sister, Anis who is playing for Selangor in the P15 (Under 15 Girls) team event, also won. Her team beats Terengganu 3 to 1.  

Only two individual categories of the championship being published in the chess-results.com by Muhammad Arshad. Hopefully the info is correct. 

P12 Individual

In the P12 (Under 12 Girls) individual category, Puteri Rifqah from Selangor will defend her title. It will be her last edition in the category since she will be 13 years old next year. Joining her is her younger sister, Puteri Munajjah. Both of them are the best bet for the Selangor contingent to win the gold and silver medal. Both of them will be challenged by Nithyalaskhmi from Negeri Sembilan, last year first runner up. GiLoCatur does not see last year second runner up from Pulau Pinang, Teh De Zen. GiLoCatur believes she is playing in the team event. Another challenger is Siti Khadijiah Sabirin from Terengganu. She and her elder sister took part in the recently concluded National Closed.

Not many upsets in the first round for the P12 individual category. The only one that GiLoCatur noticed is the defeat of Chua Jia-Tien (Pulau Pinang) at the fourth table. Seeded fourth, Jia-Tien was defeated by a Sabahan player named Chatrine Elvera Chin.

L15 Individual

The L15 (Under 15 Boys) individual category will be one of the hottest category to be followed. Selangor is represented by the new National Master, Roshan Singh, and the best (U18) Malaysian junior player, Yeoh Li Tian. Can NM Roshan emerge the winner in this category after being second last year? Or will former L12 champion, Li Tian, stop Roshan? 

In GiLoCatur's opinion, other players who can become tough challengers to the two Selangor representatives are Shreyes from Pahang, Aziz Farhan from WP and Sirajjuddin from Kedah. Sirajjuddin is last year edition L12 champion. Five more rounds to go and upsets could happen. Let's wait and see.

[added on 5th June 2012, at 3.30am]

P15 Individual 

The P15 (Under 15 Girls) individual category is another favourite one for GiLoCatur. The two Azman Hisham sisters - Nur Nabila and Nur Najiha representing Selangor are the top favourites to win this category. They will be challenged strongly by Fairuz Hamizah from Kedah who was the first runner up last year. It will be more interesting if both Tan Li Ting and Camelia from WP take part in this category. Unfortunately, they choose to play in the team event. It is also interesting to see how few other players like Wong Ing Nge Ing Nge (Sarawak), Siti Aisyah (Terengganu), Nur Sabrina (Pahang) and Jessica (N9) will perform and add the challenges.

L18 Individual 

In the absence of Nabil, Yit San and Syakir, the L18 (Under 18 Booys)individual category is open. Last year L15 individual champion, Elgin Lee is not seen in the list.  GiLoCatur is not sure whether he is in the team event or not playing at all in the MSSM this year. The top favourite is Jian Wen from WP whose rating is above 2000. His toughest challengers GiLoCatur believes are Jonathan from N9, Vinton Wong from Selangor, Sazlee from sabah, Albert Ang from WP and both Pulau Pinang players - Chuin Khai and Boon Hao.

P18 Individual 

In the absence of Alia, Amirah from Selangor looks set to become the champion in the P18 (Under 18 Girls) individual category this year. Sarika from Pahang will try as hard as possible to deny that. Another tough contender is Pavitranayagi from WP. Last year, she played in the P15 team event. Kelantan-born Laila Husna who represents Johor is another player who has a chance to win this category. GiLoCatur considers her as the underdog.

All of the above is just GiLoCatur's opinion. You may have different opinion. So, ALL THE BEST to all the chess athletes who compete in the 2012 MSSM Chess Championship.

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