Friday, June 1, 2012

Syabas & Tahniah To the Parents of NM Roshan N WNM Nur Najiha!

The Malaysian National Closed of year 2012 edition is just over. The new champions had emerged. 15-year-old Roshan Ajeet Singh was declared the winner for the Men's division. He scored an amazing 8.5/9 points. Meanwhile, 13-year-old Nur Najiha Azman Hisham was crowned as the new Malaysian Woman National Master after recording six wins and three draws in the women category.

Besides congratulating both players, their parents should be congratulated too. So, syabas and tahniah to Dr Ajeet  & wife and Azman Hisham & Zaza.

Let's see several photos of NM Roshan at MSS chess competitions over the years from GiLoCatur photo collection.

MSSS 2008 

MSSM 2009 in Klang, Selangor

MSSM 2010 in Kangar, Perlis

MSSM 2010

MSSS 2011 in Sungai Besar

MSSM 2011 in Penang

Dr Ajeet Singh

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