Thursday, June 7, 2012

MSSM 2012 (Girls) Team Event After Round 3

Three rounds had completed. Three more rounds to go. Let's see the team ranks for the girls category.

P12 Category

Pulau Pinang lives up to its first seeding. It is the only team that has the perfect 3/3 wins. Pulau Pinang which consists of Teh De Zen, Goh Jie Yie, Khaw Ker Lee and Teh Ming Min has had a solid performance so far. Each of them won all their games meaning the team scores 12/12 game points. In the fourth round early this morning, Johor will try to stop Pulau Pinang from winning the gold medal. In the third round, Johor managed to beat the third seed, Selangor, 3 to 1. GiLoCatur predicts that these three states will emerge as the top three. 

P12 category

P15 Category

P15 team is one of the two categories that GiLoCatur pays the most attention. It is because GiLoCatur's daughter, Anis Fariha, is playing in this category. Playing on first board, Anis has accumulated 2.5/3 points. Two of her team mates - Ee Sun Xin and Seri Aisyah, have also scored the same point.  Seeded second, Selangor defeated Terengganu and Negeri Sembilan 3 to 1 respectively. In the third round, Anis and her team mates managed to draw with Pulau Pinang led by Hoh Tjin Hui. Last year gold medalist, WP, is the leader after winning all the three rounds. WP will be challenged by Anis and her other Selangor team mates in the fourth round. Surely, it will be a nerve wrecking match for GiLoCatur.  

P15 category

P18 Category

GiLoCatur is so happy that the Selangor P18 team is leading in this category. The team won all the three rounds. Selangor has the best chance to win gold in this category. It needs to win against Perak that also has a perfect 3/3 wins in the fourth round to come closer for the gold medal. GiLoCatur would like to wish BEST OF LUCK to the P18 Selangor team - Xin Yen, Nurul Adlina, Zahidah Faqeehah and Shie Mei.

P18 category

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