Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MSSM 2012 Medal Tally

MSSM 2012 Chess Championship hosted by Terengganu is just over. GiLoCatur attended the closing and prize ceremony four days ago before flew off to Vietnam two days ago. Two of GiLoCatur's children took part in the championship representing two different states - Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan. Fikri, the eldest son, had an excellent achievement after his L18 team won the gold medal. He also won the Best Board (4th). Anis, on the other hand, did not win any medal even though her personal performance is also good. Based on the results publish in chess-results.com, Anis should have won the Best Board (1st).

GiLoCatur did write an entry few days ago asking what the medal tally for MSSM 2012 edition would be? So, let's see below tables summarized based on the final ranking published in the chess-results.com. GiLoCatur does not have the official results. 

Selangor continues its dominance in the annual championship by winning the most number of medals, sharing the highest number of gold medals with Wilayah Persekutuan and being the overall champion yet again. Selangor excels in the individual events when it won not only gold but also silver medals in three individual categories - P12 and both U15. Meanwhile, Wilayah Persekutuan won three gold medals in the team events - L12, P15 and L18. Pulau Pinang won three gold medals in L12 individual and P12 and L15 team categories. Terengganu managed to stop Wilayah Persekutuan from winning the gold medal in the L18 individual category through Wong Jianwen. Selangor was missing a gold medal in the P18 individual category when its player, Amira, lost to WIlayah Persekutuan player named Pavitranayagi. 

Medal Tally by categories

Selangor has won medal (gold, silver & bronze) in almost all twelve (12) categories.  It does not win any of the the top three (3) medals in only three categories which are L12 individual, P15 team and L18 individual. 

Medal Tally by state

So, the questions on the medal tally or distribution had been answered. We'll have to wait another year to know the medal tally of the next year MSSM Chess Championship. Which state will be hosting the event? 

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