Monday, July 2, 2012

It Is Euro 2012 Final - Ruy Lopez (Spain) Vs Giuoco Piano (Italy)

It is almost 1.30am in Shah Alam.

GiLoCatur is still awake to watch the Euro 2012 Final between Spain and Italy. Actually, GiLoCatur did not watch live most of the games until the end. Often GiLoCatur went asleep before the games were over. Hopefully, GiLoCatur could manage to watch the final in about one hour until the referee blows the whistle at the end of the 90 minute.

During the group stages, GiLoCatur was in Vietnam. So, GiLoCatur had to watch the games in Vietnamese. Euro 2012 will be remembered by GiLoCatur due to the fact. Watching most of the group stage games especially the matches that involve France, England, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Holland alone in Room 201 of the Holiday Diamond Hotel.

The Logo

No doubt, many chess players including GiLoCatur love football. GiLoCatur still remember during Euro 2004 where GiLoCatur watched every game until the final. But for this year edition, GiLoCatur could not do that. Age is catching up he he he ...

What is or are GiLoCatur's favourite teams during world cup or euro? GiLoCatur has been a fan of Les Blues and The Oranje. GiLoCatur also follows closely the Three Lions. Unfortunately, none of these three teams had gone through the final. 

So, which team in the final today that GiLoCatur will cheer? 

In the Malaysian chess community, the final match today between Spain and Italy is referred to The Spanish Game or Ruy Lopez versus The Italian Game or Giuoco Piano. Neither of such two chess openings that GiLoCatur uses while playing chess. Queen Gambit is GiLoCatur's chess opening for white and French Defense for black.  

Even GiLoCatur is more familiar with Ruy Lopez, for the Euro 2012 Final GiLoCatur chooses Giuoco Piano. It means GiLoCatur will cheer for the Azzurri this early morning. They are the underdogs compared to the La Roja team that is the hot favourite. 

What is GiLoCatur's dream Euro 2012 final?

During the semi final matches, GiLoCatur picked Portugal and Germany to go through. For GiLoCatur, both teams showed entertaining football. In Portugal, GiLoCatur loves to watch its speedy and skillful wingers - Ronaldo and Nani, run their opposition teams havoc especially during the counter attacks. In Germany, the brilliant "Team" attack really amazes GiLoCatur. 

So, do you cheer for 

The Azzurri


The La Roja

What time control it would be? 90 minutes or 120 minutes?

Will the Ruy Lopez fans including NWM of and Sky Syaz will be jolly and happy like in the following picture ???
Will Spaniards celebrate jubilantly?

GiLoCatur as well as other Azzurri fans all over the world  including Yin Fischer would like to wish Good Luck to the Italian team and ... 


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