Monday, July 16, 2012

The Champions of the KaSUGI Team Chess Championship

The two-day KaSUGI team chess championship had just concluded several hours ago. There are six champion trophies in the tournament with the biggest total prize fund of 41,500.00 Malaysian Ringgits.

The Junior Section

Both Under 12 and Under 17 teams were playing together in the Junior category. Undefined FC team won all its eight rounds. The Under 17 champion accumulated 29.5 out of the total 32 game points and full 16 match points. It is an amazing result because there is no single defeat for each of its four team members.

The champion for Under 12 category went to The Young Minds. The team is ranked fourth in the overall final ranking. With 19.5 game points and 12 match points, the team had won five, drew two and lose one.

The Top 10 Final Ranking - click here for the full list

Under 12 Champion - The Young Minds

Under 17 Champion - Undefined FC

The Open Section

The organizer had allocated four champion trophies in the Open section. The trophies are for Open, Best Malaysian, Best State and Best IPT.

UTAR became the IPT champion. IPT is either private or public university. It scored 16 game points and 11 match points from five wins, one draw and two defeats. The champion for State category belongs to Penang A. The team who has a Fide Master and a National Master accumulated 20.5 game points and 11 match points.  Tesla Chess which includes the Chan brothers - Dr Nicholas and Marcus, emerged as the champion for Best Malaysian team. In overall final ranking, it is placed fourth after scoring 21 game points and 12 match points from five wins and two draws. The Open champion had been won by a Filipno team named Apocalypse-Manila Chess Team. Led by IM Ronald Bancod, the all-Pinoy-players team wins 23 game points and 13 match points. As the Open champion, the team wins eight thousand Malaysian Ringgits money prize.

The trophies and medals in this section was given by Puan Azlin Azhar. 

The Top 10 Final Ranking - click here for the full list
IPT Champion - UTAR

State Champion - Penang A

Malaysian team Champion - Tesla Chess

The Open Champion - Apocalypse-Manila Chess Team

Congratulation to all the champions as per above pictures. The money prizes may be more in the next edition.

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