Monday, March 26, 2012

14th April 2012 Dilemma!

GiLoCatur just received a HOT chess tournament details a couple of hours ago from "Sir" CM Collin Madhavan. (TQ Sir Collin!) It is a very good news to the Malaysian chess community. One more chess tournament! To the Malaysian chess players, show your gratitude by participating in these two chess tournaments!

Why GiLoCatur says it is a HOT tournament? Because it offers money prizes of more than FIVE THOUSANDS Malaysian Ringgit. BUT, seats are limited.

For adult chess players, it shouldn't be a dilemma on Saturday14th April, two weeks from now. But for chess parents like GiLoCatur, it will be a dilemma. Which following chess tournament to go?

what? when?


lucrative money prizes!!!

Click here to download the entry form.



when? where?
Click here for further details.

What an APRIL treat for Malaysian chess! The month in which GiLoCatur was born.

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