Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NAG 2012 - The Second Day (Under 14 Boys)

Under 14 Boys is quite tough and unpredictable. GiLoCatur notices that many of them are MSS district or/and state players. GiLoCatur hopes that most of them continue to be active in the local chess scene and try to improve their chess level and rating. None of them has rating above 1700. They should learn and practice more and participate in many chess tournaments including the rated ones. They should break the 1700 and 1800 national rating.

William Lee Kah Howe of Penang is the sole leader with 5.5/6 points. He beat the top seed in the sixth round. He will become the champion in this age group provided that he wins his final two rounds. He is paired against Ang Zhen Yuan in the 7th round. Can he handle the pressure to be at the top board? 

Top 20 Ranking after R6

Top 10 Boards R7 pairings

The photo gallery:

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