Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Today Is The Closing Date for NAG 2012

Today is 7th March. It is now 5 minutes to 1 o'clock.

What is the importance of today to the Malaysian chess? Today is the closing date for Malaysian National Age Group or popularly known as NAG.

11th - 13th March 2012

And why NAG is so important to the Malaysian junior chess players?

Besides MSSM Chess Championship which will be held in June this year, NAG is important to the Malaysian young chess players (in GiLoCatur's opinion) because :

  1. It is the benchmark to see the level of chess skills and knowledge of the Malaysian junior chess players among their respective age groups
  2. The top four winners in each age group SHALL be selected to represent Malaysia in age group chess competition namely at world, asian or ASEAN level
  3. It is an event to find the national age group champions
  4. As a co-curricular activity because all the winners will be provided with certificate of achievement   

GiLoCatur's children are so lucky for having the opportunity to participate in several national-level chess competitions unlike GiLoCatur was at their age. Both Fikri and Anis started to take part in NAG in its 2008 edition while Fahim had his debut two years later (2010). This year edition will be the fourth time for both Fikri and Anis and the second time for Fahim. They skipped last year edition because GiLoCatur had an urgent and important matter to attend to. 

Just that GiLoCatur has wishes regarding NAG:
  • It has money prizes or additional rewards like laptop, iPad and mobile handphone
  • the tournament info and entry forms being submitted to and received by many many more schools including SBPs 
  • It is being  covered by the media both electronic and paper

SO, HURRY UP REGISTER TODAY!  Click here to download the full details and entry form.

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