Monday, March 12, 2012

NAG 2012 - The First Day (Under 18 Boys)

Three players in the Under 18 Boys age group category have the full 3/3 points. Wong Jianwen is leading the pack. Jonathan Augustine is the giant killer in the first day. He defeated higher-rated Eng Chiam of KL and Jun Jian of Selangor.

It will be an interesting Round 4 matches between Jianwen and Yit San on the top board. Who will emerge winner? OR will their match end up draw? And it is also an interesting match at the second board. Can Jonathan continue his giant killing act when he is paired against one of the favourites, Muhd Nabil?

Top 20 Ranking after R3 - click here for full ranking
Round 2 pictures.

Board 1 & Board 2

Board 3 & Board 4

Board 5 & Board 5

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