Friday, March 2, 2012

Chess Tourneys In Universities

WOW! What GiLoCatur can say!

Chess tourneys in Universities in the month of March and April.

To all Malaysian chess players, DARE to participate? DARE to compete?

Check it out!

10th & 11th March - 18th Individual Chess Open
17th & 18th March - 18th Team Chess Open

Sadly, GiLoCatur and the kids have never been playing at USM located in Penang Island. Two different chess tourneys during two consecutive weekends in the month of March. For sure, GiLoCatur's kids can not take part in the individual open because it clashes with the NAG or National Age Group.

Go to if you want to register or click here to download the tournament details.

31st March & 1st April - 4th Chess Invitational

Not only a chess tournament will be held in IIUM but also a chess coaching course. GiLoCatur advises and encourages the school chess club advisers and teachers participate in the course. The format of the tournament is 45-minute per player with eight (8) rounds. Such format is the most favourite for GiLoCatur. Furthermore, it will be a national-rated event. Most probably, GiLoCatur will bring the kids to take part in this tournament.

GiLoCatur will publish the details later. Or you can contact Wan Ahmad Farid bin Wan Abd Rahman at 0193644840 for further details or email him at to get the entry form.

1st April - 1st Rapid Chess Open

The chess tourney at UPM is postponed from its first scheduled date of 11th March to 1st April. Still the date will clash with IIUM's chess tourney. But hey, the Malaysian chess community have options to play in which chess tournament - the G/45 format or the G/25 format, right?

14th April - TSZ Team Open

GiLoCatur attended the TSZ Team Chess Open in its 2008 edition. Both Fikri and Anis with two other  members of SKBJ Marvellous Knights took part in the event. What do you say if GiLoCatur teams up with the kids to be in the family category?

Wait! One more chess tournament organized at a university.

1st April - UTM Chess Open

Dr Nasrul Humaimi of UTM had emailed GiLoCatur informing about a rapid chess tournament to be held at the university (in Johor Bahru) on 1st April 2012. Three chess tournaments on the same day i.e. 1st April at three different universities? WOW! The Malaysian chess fraternity should be grateful by taking part in such chess tournaments. What are the prizes? To find out, check out Dr Nasrul aka Naserov chess blog here[Updated on 3rd March 2012, 3:40am]

So, keep practising. Keep sparring. Keep studying chess. 

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