Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chess Tournaments In 7th & 8th April 2012 Weekend

When you are busy, the time flies.

GiLoCatur felt last weekend is just yesterday. But in fact, two more days for next weekend. The coming weekend will be 7th and 8th April. Last weekend, GiLoCatur and family were at the IIUM (International Islamic University of Malaysia). 

GiLoCatur will be at the Klang Parade this weekend. Only on Saturday, not on Sunday. GiLoCatur and family need a break. Further more, we need to celebrate. Celebrate what? GiLoCatur won't tell he he he ...

There were FOUR chess tournaments last weekend - 4th IIUM chess invitational, UPM Rapid Chess Open, 3rd KL Scholastic chess championship and UTM Rapid Chess Open. GiLoCatur believes the results and winners of all the tournaments are already known. 

Go to Ng6 and Fireyrook chess blogs here and here to view the photo gallery of the 4th IIUM chess invitational. The detail pairings and results can be viewed at Open, Under 21 and Under 12.

Go to MSSMKL chess blog here to find out the winners and results of the 3rd KL Scholastic chess championship.

If you are interested to know the pairings and results of the UPM Rapid chess open, please visit this link.

To all the chess players in Klang Valley, the Klang Parade should be where you are this weekend. Check out the tournament's details below.

Details of Klang Parade chess championship

While all the chess players in Perak especially in Sungai Siput area please go to Sekolah Rendah Sungai Siput on Sunday. A chess tournament called SUPEM catur open as per below info will be being held and organized by Abu Bakar Martin. 

Abu Bakar on most left


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