Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2010 Chess Olympiad (Part 5)

How about our men's team? Who is their first round opponent? The answer is the 12th seed, England. The England team includes GM Michael Adams, a 2700-rated player, the well-known GM Nigel Short, GM McShane, GM Howell and GM Jones. There is a change in the seeding number for the Malaysian men's team. Malaysia is seeded 85th instead of 84th as per in previous entry. For GiLoCatur, a draw is already an achievement for each of our Malaysian player especially to both of our IMs.

GM Adams

Playing against GM Adams (provided that he is not rested) who is the 18th rank in the latest FIDE Top 100 players will be a historical encounter for IM Mas for sure. GiLoCatur hopes IM Mas will play his best in the encounter. Hopefully, their encounter will be photographed and shared with the Malaysian chess community.

GM Short

The same goes to IM Mok who will face GM Nigel Short (also if not rested), considered one of the best Britain's chess players. Among his achievements are winning the British Chess Championship and Commonwealth Championship three times each. Surely, IM Mok will cherish his first round match in the 2010 World Chess Olympiad. Especially if he manages a draw or even a win. We must believe in unthinkable. Whatever it is, just do not afraid to fight and challenge the best if we want to be among the best.

There may be a change order in the Malaysian Men Olympiad chess team. NWM Tan Khai Boon is playing the third board while FM Peter Long is playing the fourth board.


How about other Malaysian's ASEAN friends?

Vietnam (27th) vs Botswana (100th)
Phillipines (37th) vs Korea (111th)
Indonesia (67th) vs Mauritania (142nd)
Singapore (71st) vs Senegal (146th)
Thailand (93rd) vs Georgia (20th)

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