Friday, September 24, 2010

2010 Chess Olympiad (Part 10)

Syabas & Tahniah to the Malaysian Men's team for drawing 2-2 with much higher-rated Lithuania that comprises 3 GMs and 1 IM. This kind of result that we the Malaysian chess community would like to have. Such feat, as well as Singapore's victory over Russia 4 (2.5-1.5), has been listed as one of the big upsets in the third round as per published in the popular SusanPolgar chess blog as per here. Could it be the feat of Indonesia's draw with the Israelis and Vietnam's victory over the European champions from Azerbaijan in the previous second round had motivated Malaysia and Singapore to perform well?

Well done, guys! IM Mas performs well thus far. Scoring 2 wins and a draw against a super GM can be an excellent start for a GM norm for IM Mas. It would be sweeter if IM Mok could win also. In the next round, Malaysia will face the 47th seed of Switzerland.

In the Women's Olympiad, our girls managed to get 1 point from Austria that is ranked 32nd in the tournament. An IM opponent with 2400-rating seems too strong for Alia even to get a draw. Kudos to both Nabila and Mi Yen for getting a draw over their respective higher-rated opponents. Not bad at all. Who will be their opponents in the next round? Our girls will play against the lower-rated Sri Lankan team that is beaten by Indonesia in the third round. Do not feel over confident. The Malaysian team has better chance of winning. So, grab it. "MALAYSIA BOLEH!"

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