Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 Chess Olympiad (Part 3)

Two more days the World Chess Olympiad will kick off in Khanty-Mansiysk. The Malaysian teams - both men and women had departed from KLIA yesterday. Based on NWM in her chess blog, the Malaysian contingent will transit in Dubai before waiting the charted flight in Moscow for about two days. Surely it will be a long flight for the contingent before landing in Moscow. GiLoCatur had about 20-hour journey few years back from KLIA to Moscow, 13 hour-flight with KLM from KLIA to Amsterdam, 4 hours transit in the Schipol Airport then 3-hour flight from Amsterdam to Moscow.

What is the time in Moscow? It is four hours behind us in Malaysia. If in Malaysia now is 7.00 pm, it is 3.00pm in Moscow. How about Khanty-Mansiysk where the 39th World Chess Olympiad will take place? GiLoCatur is not so sure but it is GMT +5 compared to the Malaysian GMT +8. Not so sure of the daylight saving time. But GiLoCatur guess is three hours behind.

The Malaysian Men's team

The Malaysian women's team

[GiLoCatur: The above pictures are taken from NWM's chess blog -]



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