Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2010 Chess Olympiad (Part 15)

Below are Round 8 updates ... that involve the Malaysian teams

The Malaysian men team captain can be counted on then when he won his debut game in the chess olympiad. With the win, Malaysia won over Sri Lanka, 2.5-1.5. It was a scary moment watching Greg's game live. Early prediction to thrash the lower-seeded team did not materialize. But never mind, a win is important here.

GiLoCatur hopes that the Malaysian juniors are also watching the games live. Experience and learn the tension and pressure environment. Be motivated to improve in chess and represent Malaysian in the future in chess olympiad.

The above info is incorrect for the first board result. It should be 0-1. LOL!

9.28pm, Finally Malaysia women team won over UAE by 2.5 - 1.5 score. Both Alia and Nabila contribute the two points and Roslina gave the crucial half point. Congratulation! Now, all the women players go get good rest and relaxation. Round 8 is over. Raise up the spirit and motivation. Be ready for the next round.

8.56pm, it is confirmed then that Alia had won. Well done. Malaysia 2, UAE 1.

8.53pm, GiLoCatur is smiling coz confident that Alia will win her match. If so, Malaysia just needs Roslina to score half-point enough to ensure the win.

8.40pm, not an easy match eh! Malaysia lost a point. Now, Malaysia 1.5, Sri Lanka 1.5. That makes the fourth board game that yet to finish becomes so critical. The result of Greg's game is very critical here for Malaysia to win the match. The captain's game is the decider.

8.37pm, it is a critical endgame for Alia ... Hope she can be calm ... in GiLoCatur's opinion, she can win it. Come on ....

8.34pm, oooooh no ... please don't hang .... what are the results now ...

8.30pm, TKB seems in time trouble. That's what GiLoCatur could observe from the live games showed. Could he survive? Hopefully, Malaysia does not lose again to Sri Lanka.

By 8.15pm (Malaysian time),

Malaysia adds one point in the open/men section making it 1.5 - 0.5 /2 thus far. Just need another one full point to ensure a win and critical 2 match points. Mok's opponent resigned. Im Mok plays the top board in absence of IM Mas who is rested in this round.

By 8 o'clock, Malaysia and UAE split one point each. UAE won the fourth board through Amna Nuaman Al Ali who played against Mi Yen. Let's wait for the other two boards - the first and the third.

Peter Long, the Malaysian men's third board, drew with his Round 8 opponent from lower-seeded Sri Lanka. Half-point split so far. IM Mas does not play in this round. Surely, he needs good rest for better performance in next rounds. Today, Greg Lau who is the Malaysian men fifth board player and the team captain plays his first game in this olympiad.

By 7.50pm, Nabila won her game after her opponent from UAE resigned on 31st move. 1 down, 3 to go.

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