Sunday, September 26, 2010

2010 Chess Olympiad (Part 12)

The Malaysian women team bounced back today from the defeat to Sri Lanka who is lower-ranked with the score of 1-3. Only Alia scored one point. Who was beaten? The answer is Iraq. Malaysia defeated Iraq with 3-1 score where both Alia and Mi Yen contributed the full one point each. While Nabila and Nurul Huda drew against their respective opponents. Well done for the fifth round. How about the sixth round? Who Malaysia will meet? Malaysia will play Ecuador, the 38th seed next. GiLoCatur believes our Malaysian women players are capable to win the match. SHOW US THAT YOU CAN, gals.

Up to the fifth round, who are leading the Women Chess Olympiad? Ukrain, the third seed, is leading the pack with full 10 points after 5 wins. The top seed, Russia 1 is second even though has the same 10 point after winning all their rounds. So, in the sixth round, both teams will play each other. Whoever wins will have better chance to be the champion provided that the solid performance continues.

For the other ASEAN countries, only Philippines and Singapore obtained good results as both managed to secure a draw against their much higher-rated opponents. How is the ranking for all the ASEAN countries? Indonesia and Philippines are at better ranks than their seeds. Vietnam is placed much lower than its seed. While the rest are ranked at about their seeds.

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