Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Where GiLoCatur Had Been?

It has been a while for the last update. Almost a week.

Where GiLoCatur had been? Been very busy? LOL ... Actually, it is right to say that GiLoCatur had been busy with work commitment, family commitment and etc etc Since it was a public holiday last Sunday, GiLoCatur had been busy going back to hometown in Sabak Bernam.

Normally, when going back home town, GiLoCatur and wife will be busy with our plantation farms. It is very challenging in fact to manage plantation farms especially to manage the hired workers. But GiLoCatur gets to do what GiLoCatur has to do. Enough with that.

While at hometown during the long weekend, GiLoCatur and wife had visited our elder kids - Fikri and Anis, who are attending the centralized training for the MSS Selangor. The training which started on Friday, 28th May is held in Sabak Bernam, a two-hour drive from Shah Alam. It will end today. It is pity to most of them because while having training they also need to study and do revision since it is an exam week. When they get back to their schools they have to sit for the exams as well as the papers they miss to sit. What a sacrifice actually for them.

True enough, in order for the Malaysian youngsters to succeed and excel in their respective sports they need to sacrifice a lot. Unlike their peers, they have to sacrifice their weekends and public holidays either for training or participating in tournaments. Sometime GiLoCatur feels pity on them especially to both Fikri and Anis. Am I as a parent pushing them too hard to excel? Am I as a parent taking their childhood joy and freedom? But as the common saying, "NO PAIN, NO GAIN".


svgunajb said...

YES GILOCATUR... no pain no gain....no success without sacrifice. Its all depends on how we want our children to be in future. People will say 1000 things about our children, but we must take it as a challenge and must prove to everyone what is our aim and target . We set our own goal for our children. No goals No direction. If failed to achieve....nothing to worry coz we already done our best....IF SUCCESS....is everyones joy. Hope for the best for FIKRI and ANIS. Wish them all the best.May SUCCES will be with them.

GiLoCatur said...

Nandre, nandre, nandre Mr Guna .. (hopefully, I say it correctly :) )

Hope the best for your son, Jagathees too .. let's do what ever we can do for our children ..

svgunajb said...

He..he...he....u r most welcome GiLoCatur. :)