Monday, June 7, 2010

A Travelogue To Kangar On Monday

5:30 am
GiLoCatur woke up very early this morning. Why? Actually, GiLoCatur along with wife and the youngest son, Fahim, will drive from Shah Alam to Kangar. Yes, GiLoCatur will be on vacation. But the vacation is to be at the MSSM Chess Championship that will be held from today until Friday. Both Fikri and Anis are representing Selangor in the event. Fikri will play in the U15 Boys Individual category while Anis will play in the U12 Girls Team event.

6:30 am
We started the journey. Expected to arrive at the Putra Palace Hotel, the venue of the tournament, at around 12.:30 pm since it takes about 6 hour-drive. After stopped twice for breakfast and lunch, we arrived at the hotel at about 1:00 pm. We had our breakfast at Tapah R & R and had the lunch at a restaurant located along the Alor Star - Kangar road.

Once arrived at the car park of the hotel, GiLoCatur took its picture for all to view the venue of the 2010 MSSM Chess Championship

1:30 - 3:00 pm
Waited at the lobby area of the Putra Palace Hotel. The first round was supposed to start at 3:00 pm but posponed for about a half and hour due to some pairing issues. GiLoCatur started to take photos of the players who began to arrive starting from 2:30 pm to the hall where the tournament will take place. GiLoCatur met and greeted several parents and players.

The tournament hall

3:30 - 6:00 pm
Waiting anxiously at the hotel lobby. About an hour later, Fikri came out from the hall showing OK sign meaning that he won. Few minutes later, two of Anis team mates came out telling that they had won. Then a bit later, GiLoCatur was informed that Eja, the U12 Girls first board also won meaning that Anis' team had already won against the Johor team. GiLoCatur became more anxious and walked upstairs to peek to the tournament hall to find out about Anis. A coule of minutes later, Anis walked out the hall carrying her score sheet. Quickly, GiLoCatur asked her what's her game result. GiLoCatur was sighing graciously after being told that she won. What a great start. Tomorrow, two more rounds will be played. Until then, GiLoCatur wants to update the the first round pairings at MSSM2010 blog.

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