Monday, June 7, 2010

Burger King Sparring Is Back!

After a long layoff, the "Burger King Chess Sparring" is back! Last Friday GiLoCatur brought Fikri and Anis to the Burger King at Section 13 Shah Alam for the chess sparring session. It was the first time for Anis. Who were there in the session? Four of the 17ChessClub core members were. Syed, Sahir, Max and Ng6 who had been missing the sparring session for quite sometime. In the sparring session, three strong Malaysian local chess players came to join the session. Who were they? They were Haq who just participated in the MASUM chess tournament, Abdul Salam and Zaidan. Haq just led his UKM chess team to win bronze medal for both the Men and Ladies teams. "Syabas" and "Tahniah" to him.

A mini blitz tournament of four rounds was quickly organized. GiLoCatur opted not to participate. Instead, GiLoCatur prefer to be just the pairing manager. :) Who won? Unfortunately it was not Haq, the top seed. It was Zaidan who won all his four rounds including against Haq.

Sahir (left) versus Max (right)

Syed (left) versus Haq (right)

Ng6 (red shirt) versus Zaidan (yellow shirt)

Salam (left) played against Ng6

So, is it going to be another session on next Friday night, 11th June? GiLoCatur hopes it would be eventhough GiLoCatur-self most probably will not be in town.

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