Friday, June 4, 2010

2010 MSSM Chess Championship

Thank God It's Friday (TGIF)!

The school mid-term break will begin after the school session completes today. The mid-term break is two-week long. For most of the school children, they should be very happy because they can have a family vacation either local or abroad, they can visit and stay with their grandparents at kampung, they can play games all day long, they can wake up late, they can surf and socialize on the net and many other reasons. For some of them, they will participate in the MSSM like chess and tennis that will be held during the whole next week in Kangar, Perlis including GiLoCatur's kids. But before that, they need to complete their examinations that will end today.

Fikri, GiLoCatur's son, cannot wait for the event. He had been trying to represent Selangor for two years. Finally, this year he manage to do so after championing his category during the MSS Selangor Chess Championship held in last April. So, he will be on board with the Selangor chess contingent that will start their six-hour journey from Shah Alam to Kangar early tomorrow morning. Surely, not only him but also GiLoCatur and wife will be nervous and anxious for the MSSM event.

Would GiLoCatur be at the venue of the tournament too like last year when it was hosted by Selangor in Klang? Would GiLoCatur cover the MSSM event? Let's wait and see to find out. LOL!

In the late 70's, actually, GiLoCatur represented the primary school named SKST or Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Tengar in the Sabak Bernam district chess competition. In 1979, it was held in SK Sekendi and in 1980 it was held in SK Dr Abdul Latiff. But GiLoCatur did not manage to represent Sabak Bernam to the state chess championship. Ofcourse, GiLoCatur and other teammates were lacking in chess knowledge, materials and competition. One of the reasons is that GiLoCatur's home town is located very remotely in the northern part of Selangor. Even after 3 decades, Sabak Bernam chess players are still far behind than most other districts like Petaling, Gombak, and Kelang. Luckily, GiLoCatur's children are staying in Shah Alam where many chess tournaments are close by. GiLoCatur would like very much for the remote districts like Sabak Bernam to excel in chess.

Chess MSSM 2009 Champions

In 2009 edition, the Selangor chess contingent that includes GiLoCatur's daughter managed to be the overall champion. The contingent won four gold medals, 2 silvers and 2 bronzes. It excelled in Under 12 category where three golds, 1 silver and 2 bronzes were won.

Gold medals - U12 Boys Individual (Yeoh Li Tian), U12 Girls Individual (Nur Nabila Azman) & Under 12 Girls Team

Silver medal - U12 Boys Individual (Mohd Irfan Haqqim)

Bronze medals - U12 Girls Individual (Chew Ee Wen) & U12 Boys Team

The other gold medal was won by Under 15 Boys Team spearheaded by Mohd Nabil Azman while another silver was achieved by Under 18 Boys Team led by Geeneish Sivalingam.

The jubilant Selangor chess contingent
The MSSM 2009 Chess Champion

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