Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Poll Results

It is about four days that this blog is not updated. Why?

The answer is simple. GiLoCatur just got back from a one-week vacation. Tired. Furthermore, need to focus on work.

Not fully recover yet from being tired of holidaying (was it really a holiday eh? he he ) in the northern part of the country, GiLoCatur becomes hectic again since both Fikri and Anis participate in the Malaysian National Closed Championship (NCC). The former in the Men's category while Anis in the Women's category. The championship held in Kolej Pendeta Za'ba, UKM just started today and will end on Sunday.

What GiLoCatur wants to write first?

Let's see the result of the poll about the recently concluded MSSM Chess Championship. The poll is "which state would be the overall champion of the 2010 MSSM Chess Championship?".

127 responded to the poll. One third had responded correctly. GiLoCatur strongly believes that the poll response reflects something. Selangor, Pulau Pinang and Wilayah Persekutuan have shown their prowess in chess. How about other states? Kelantan and Kedah got quite good response. How about the rest? Chess has very little followers and ardent fans in these states.

Whatever it is, GiLoCatur hopes interest in chess will grow and increase in Malaysia.

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