Friday, October 24, 2008

Saleh 2, Wak Eddy 0

Wak Eddy lost the first game playing white.

This afternoon, me and Wak Eddy played two games of chess. We have not been playing againts each other for a long time. Eventhough I won before, this time I won convincingly. Moreover, now I am much quicker than before in moving the pieces.

In the second game, I played white using the Queen Gambit Declined opening.

It was hard for Eddy to defend my attack as per above picture.

After Wak Eddy moved Ka5, my knight moved to c4, i.e. Nc4,  square and forked his queen. Along the way, he sighed many times he he he ...

Wak Eddy resigned after I moved Qd8+.

Then 2 - 0 for me. I won both games convincingly. So the time spent in tournaments and studying world champions' games has paid off.

My next mission is to win againts another office mate of mine, Mohidin where I always lose to him.

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