Friday, July 15, 2011

Who is The Top Most Improved National Ratings for July Release?

The latest Malaysian national chess ratings was just made public. It is the July release that will be used for nationally-rated chess tournaments for the period of between July and September 2011. So, how is your latest national ratings? Increase? Drop? No change? Or maybe you just have your new national ratings. Are you among the top 20 most improved players? 

GiLoCatur would like to congratulate Kughan Ravindran (below picture) for being the most improved player in the new national ratings. He was rated 1263 in the April release. He gained 205 points making his current national ratings to be 1468. He took part in two nationally-rated tournaments namely the 38th Selangor Open and DATCC Warrior. In the former event he managed to win against two 1600+ opponents - in the first and seventh rounds respectively. Such feat contributed the most big increase in his ratings. In the recent 1st SMK Hillcrest Chess Open, Kughan was placed ninth in the Under 15 boys age group. 

Kughan Ravindran

How about the new national ratings of GiLoCatur and the kids? GiLoCatur will write about this another time. SO, TO ALL THE MALAYSIAN CHESS PLAYERS, KEEP PARTICIPATING IN CHESS TOURNAMENTS ESPECIALLY THE NATIONALLY-RATED ONES. GiLoCatur hopes there will be a number of such events being organized in the next three months for the next national ratings release. 

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