Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Record High Malaysians Competed In Chess Tournaments?

Do you know how many Malaysians were playing chess in tournaments on Sunday, 10th July 2011? Check out the answer below.

There were four chess tournaments held in the country on that day at four different places.

1) The 1st SMK Hillcrest Chess Open in Gombak

2) Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng GP Final in Ipoh

3) The 22nd Rakan Muda Tebrau Open in JB

4) MAKSWIP Team Chess Championship in Ampang

A staggering 470 chess players took part in the SMK Hillcrest Open. They played in nine categories with eight of them were age groups. Ian Udani won the Open category. In Ipoh, Ahmad Fadzil Nayan emerged champion beating 212 other participants in the Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Grand Final Leg. The tournament was held at The Syuen Hotel. ( Click here for the full results ) In JB, more than 70 chess players participated in three different categories - Open, Under 16 & Under 12, in the 22nd Rakan Muda Tebrau Open.  The official winners are as per below. NM Kamalariffin Wahiduddin led his DBKL team to win the MAKSWIP Team chess championship. DBKL has been the champion of such tournament for the past decade. In this year edition, 15 government agencies in Wilayah Persekutuan took part. Since every team team comprises of four players plus one reserve, that means 75 players in total for the tournament. So, more than 850 Malaysians competed in chess tournaments on Sunday, 10th July 2011. Keep it up folks! 

[ GiLoCatur: someone in the shoutbox told that about 270 players took part in the JB Rakan Muda event. if it is true then the figure would be unbelievably more than 1000. Hope Mr Narayanan can confirm it. updated 19/7/2011, 12:28am ]

Champion    :   Muhd Aizuddin Che Hassan  - 6.5 Points
Second       :    Leong Mun Wan                  - 6.0    "
Third           :    Taulani Tukiran                    - 6.0
Fourth         :    Chai Juan Zhe                     - 5.5
Fifth             :   Daniel Iskandar                    - 5.0
Sixth            :   Abdullah Che Hassan           - 5.0
Seventh        :   Mohd Anuas                        - 5.0
Eighth          :   Muhd Aziz Farhan                - 5.0
Nineth          :   Wong Ming Yau                   - 5.0
Tenth           :   T. Mandar                            - 5.0
Under 16 category
Champion   : Mohd Hafiz Hisham        - 6.0 Points
Second       : Chan Chee Chai            -  6.0   "
Third           : Muhd Haziq Zain           -  6.0
Fourth         : Melvin Chin                   - 6.0
Fifth            : Shee Jia Wee               - 5.5
Sixth           : Ong Wei Bin                 - 5.5
Seventh       : Chong Yong Soon         - 5.5
Eighth         : Ee Zi Xun                      - 5.0
Nineth         : Tan Yi Hern                   - 5.0
Tenth          : Liew Jun Hong               - 5.0
Under 12 category
Champion    :  Maisarrah                  -  6.5 Points
second        :  Danish Hamzah         -  6.5    "
Third            :  Lim Lui Lung             -  6.0     "
Fourth         :  Elvis Woo                  -  6.0
Fifth            :  Muhd Daniel               -  6.0
Sixth           :  Lim Zi Cheng              - 5.5
Seventh       :  Wong Jing Wen          - 5.5
Eighth         :  Nadia Syafiqa             - 5.5
Nineth         :  Gan Pang Yen            - 5.5
Tenth          :  Wong Kai Xi                - 5.5


Jimmy Liew said...

Very interesting. I wondor Malaysian Chess Festival in past years , how many participants.

Anonymous said...

Always thinking Saleh. Great stats again.

GiLoCatur said...

Hopefully more stats like this can be published and available to the Malaysian chess community to encourage chess and motivate chess participation in Malaysia.

IM Jimmy, hopefully you and other Malaysians who have been long in Malaysian chess can write about the yester years and share your experience for record, documentation and reference.

To anon, it is just my very small contribution.

Anonymous said...

Sir Saleh,

Sorry don't call me Anon please, my mistake. It's me, Collin - the other person who is always interested in Chess Stats! Ha! Well done kawan.

Collin Madhavan