Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Look At MAS Fide Ratings (Women) List

The July FIDE ratings was just released several days ago. GiLoCatur is happy because another 2011 Chess Ratings Mission has been achieved. GiLoCatur's daughter, Anis, managed to get her FIDE ratings. She has joined 26 other Malaysian women chess players in the active (women only) FIDE ratings list as per below. GiLoCatur believes 27 is a very good number and the highest so far since it was only 9 in January 2010 release.

Alia who earned her Women Fide Master (WFM) in the last Women Chess Olympiads is the top Malaysian woman chess player with 1975 Elo ratings. Nur Najiha Azman is another Malaysian woman chess player who has a WFM title. For the record, Malaysia does not have both WGM and WIM titled players in its active players list. How many there are the Malaysian women chess players in the inactive list or have not played a single FIDE rated game in the last one year?  The answer is 13. It means, in total Malaysia has 40 women players who have FIDE ratings.The Elo ratings can be improved further since, if you notice, the majority in the above list are still in their teens. BUT it is very important for them to participate in more FIDE-rated chess tournaments. 

It is amazing to note that Malaysia comes second behind Vietnam in the number of active women players who have FIDE ratings in the ASEAN region. Eighty (80) Vietnamese ladies are listed in the active list where 27 of them are titled players - 3 WGMs,  11 WIMs and 13 WFMs. How about other ASEAN countries especially Philippines and Indonesia? There are 19 Pinoy ladies who have FIDE ratings and active while the number is only 13 in Indonesia.  But both countries have more titled players. Indonesia has one WGM and 4 WFMs. Meanwhile, Phillipines has 4 WIMs and 2 WFMs. Singapore has less two players than Indonesia for its active women chess players with FIDE ratings. Seven (7) of them are titled players led by Chinese-born IM Li Ruofan who  is the top player with 2400+ Elo ratings. The other six are WFMs.

The above statistics shows that the Malaysian women chess has future. The number of the list can be increased. The quality of the Elo ratings can be improved. Attractive prizes and remuneration need to be available for the Malaysian women chess players. More chess tournaments for women or girls like MCF Selection (Women) For Sea Games which appeared in the Commission For Women's Chess (WOM) website here and Susan Polgar Girls' Invitational (SPGI)  need to be organized in our beloved country (Maybe Haslindah of BCWM and WNM Khairunnisa of can take the challenge :)- ). More parents need to encourage and motivate their daughters to play chess seriously. MALAYSIA BOLEH?

[note: what an amazing coincidence! GiLoCatur just noticed that the above list is also published today in both BCWM and Sifu.mycatur blogs. 3.45am]

source : FIDE July 2011 release

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