Friday, July 15, 2011

Anyhting Is Possible, Learn It From The Nadeshiko!

The jubilant Nadeshiko team (from

For those who do not follow the ongoing FIFA Women's World Cup being held in Germany, the Japanese women football team or also known as the Nadeshiko has made Asia proud by getting to the final playing against USA this coming weekend. GiLoCatur watched the 2nd semifinal game between Japan and Sweden last night how Japan and was thrilling when the latter came back from 1 goal deficit to defeat Sweden by 3 - 1 score. What GiLoCatur wants to highlight here is anything is possible. Do not be inferior with whatever disadvantages or shortcomings we have like small-built and trailing behind. Hardwork, confidence and believe in yourself are the keys to success. So, to all the Malaysian chess players especially the juniors, follow this example whenever competing in the international chess events. Do not get intimidated by the more superior opponents. 

Bravo and good luck to the Nadeshiko team in the final.  

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