Monday, July 11, 2011

GiLoCatur Was At The 1st SMK Hillcrest Chess Open

It was quite a long time since GiLoCatur last attended a Malaysian chess rapid chess tournament. It was about three months ago when GiLoCatur and all the kids participated in the UniKL MFI Chess Open. Today, GiLoCatur and family except Anis went to the SMK Hillcrest located in Seri Gombak to participate in its first chess open. Surely, GiLoCatur wanted to be part of the tournament's record of the biggest number of participants. But GiLoCatur changed mind to just concentrate on being a cameraman and observer. GiLoCatur wanted to enjoy being a spectator watching especially the young kids and new chess players. GiLoCatur could be the 471st participant if participated in the Open category. Yes, according to Ms Wong, one of the key members of the organizing crew, the number of participants is a record breaking of 470 players. They played in nine different categories namely Under 9, Under 12, Under 15 and Under 18 both boys and girls plus the Open.

GiLoCatur and family were the last ones to arrive at the tournament, 15 minutes before it kicked off. Quickly confirmed the attendance and proceeded to the tournament hall. Fortunately, both Fikri and Fahim were playing at the ground floor. Fikri who had to play in the tournament to replace Anis' spot in her absence was the top seed in Under 15 boys category while his younger brother, Fahim, was playing in the Under 9 boys section. The Open category was playing at the first floor. Meanwhile, GiLoCatur is not sure where both Under 15 and Under 18 girls categories were playing.

From what GiLoCatur could observe, the arbiters and their assistant crews were divided into smaller groups. For example, Cikgu Sufi and her husband, Cikgu Zul, were the arbiters for Under 15 and Under 18 boys. At least five other arbiters were assigned other groups. They were assisted by a number of the school's volunteers. The prize giving was also broken up into several smaller groups. In short, the event was smooth sailing. Salute and bravo to the organizing team led by Ms Wong and all the parties involved - arbiters, assistant crews, players and parents who made the chess event successful and memorable. GiLoCatur hopes there will be the second one.       

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