Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tarakan Asean+ Age Group Chess Championship Update 4

Blitz tournament was held on the third day afternoon. GiLoCatur is not so sure about the format. Nine rounds were played yesterday afternoon. Based on the schedule, there would be semi finals and finals rounds this morning. In this entry, GiLoCatur will highlight about the nine-round blitz tourney. 

All the thirty Malaysian players took part. GiLoCatur noticed that several participants did not take part like few Korean players. Maybe they do not want to spoil their standard games. So, how were the performance of the Malaysian players? Which country emerged top rank in each category? 

Both Puteri Munajjah AzZahraa or simply known as Eja and Nur Nabila became the saviors for the Malaysian chess contingent in the blitz tournament. 10-year-old Eja (below picture) won her first six rounds before she drew with a Vietnamese player in the 7th round. Then she won against a Mongolian opponent in the 8th round playing black.  Even though she was defeated in the last round, she emerged top with 7.5/9 points, one point clear than the first runner up.

Eja is also at the driving seat in the standard category. After the fourth round, she is leading with 3.5/4 points.  With good performance until the end from both De Zen and Nur Islamurni who are currently second and third respectively, Eja may get gold medal in both individual and team categories.  

Eja's all rounds details in the Blitz tourney

Nabila played in the Girls 14 category in the blitz tournament instead of the Girls 20 she participates for the standard tournament. She was ranked first before the start of the blitz tournament. The 14-year-old student of SMK Saujana secured 6 wins, one draw in the final round and 2 defeats. With 6.5/9 points, Nabila was placed second behind Mira Mirano of Philippines whom she defeated  in the 8th round.  

Nabila's all rounds details in the Blitz tourney

SYABAS and TAHNIAH to both Eja and Nabila. Keep up the winning momentum in both the standard and rapid tournaments. To the other Malaysian players including GiLoCatur's daughter, Anis Fariha, do not stop fighting. Play your best games! Do not afraid to play your opponents.

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