Saturday, June 4, 2011

MSSM Chess Championship 2011 (Part 8) - P15 Team Category

The final sixth round will be played this morning at 8.30am. In the P15 Team category, it looks like Wilayah Persekutuan will become the champion like its L15 counter part. Its opponent is Sarawak on the top table. And it looks like Selangor will get the silver medal provided that the team wins over its opponent, Terengganu. SELANGOR MUST WIN! 

The chance is very slim for Selangor to overtake WP to become the champion. But, hey the fight is not over yet until the final round has completed. 

P15 Team
So, what's your prediction? Gold  - WP / KL?, Silver - Selangor?,  Bronze - Pulau Pinang? Johor? Perak? Kelantan?

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