Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tarakan Asean+ Age Group Chess Championship Update 3

GiLoCatur was very anxious to know the results of the third round especially of Anis. The text message from her has not been received. GiLoCatur's text message also not replied. Most probably, her mobile battery is out and can not be recharged. At around 9 o'clock, GiLoCatur texted Nabila's mother. She replied her daughter, Nabila, lose. GiLoCatur became more anxious. GiLoCatur keeps refreshing the Finally, at around 9.30pm the results were updated. Quickly, the results of G14 category was checked. What a relief. Anis won. 

So, what are the latest results? After three rounds had completed, only two Malaysian players left with the perfect 3/3 points. Who they are?


In the Open 10 category, De Juan (left picture) from Penang who won bronze in L12 Individual in the recent MSSM will play white against the top seed, Rajalyan Kuvelkar from India. Meanwhile, Faizal Roslan (right picture) has the toughest opponent to beat in the fourth round tomorrow morning. His opponent is the second seed, Vietnamese CM Le Huu Thai whose ratings is about 200 higher. GiLoCatur hopes Faizal will play his best game to defeat his opponent.

[ Congratulation to both De Juan and Faizal. De Juan won while Faizal managed to draw. What a feat. Now, the former is the only Malaysian player with the perfect 4/4 score while the latter is placed third with 3.5/4 points. updated - 16/06/2011, 3:15am ]

In B08 category, only one player won. The other three players lose whom two of them had 2/3 points. In B12 category, two drew while the other two were defeated by their respective opponents. In B14 category, two Malaysian players won including Faizal while their other two countrymen could not win. In B20 category, Malaysian sole representative LZR won his first point. 

In G08 category, just half point could be scored out of two points from one draw. All the four Malaysian players in G10 category drew their third round matches including an all Malaysian match up between Puteri Munajjah and De Zen. Malaysia has five players in G12 category. Three of them drew, one won while the other lose. A win and two draws is scored in the G14 category. Both Malaysian players in G16 and G20 categories lose to their respective opponents. 

So what's the statistics of the Malaysian players in the third round? 5 wins, 2 draws and 7 defeats for the Malaysian boys. Just 2 wins, 9 draws and 5 defeats for the Malaysian girls. Three rounds or one third of the standard competition has completed. 

GiLoCatur advice to all the 30 Malaysian players, JANGAN TAKUT LAWAN!    

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