Saturday, June 4, 2011

MSSM Chess Championship 2011 (Part 7) - The Final Result of L15 Individual Category

The L15 category completed yesterday evening after the final sixth round was played at 3.15pm. So, the results of such category is known earlier than the rest categories.

R6 results
Elgin Lee drew his final game with Kedahan player, Iskandar Danial. Both Roshan of Selangor and Shreyes of Pahang won their respective games.

The final ranking for L15 Individual

In this edition, Pulau Pinang could not defend its gold in L15 team category. Instead, it wins gold medal for L15 Individual category through Elgin who played in the team event last year. Once again, Roshan won the silver medal while Iskandar Danial who represented Kedah won the bronze medal.

Gold - Pulau Pinang
Silver - Selangor
Bronze - Kedah

note: the above result is unofficial


Anonymous said...

Just want to know why Yeoh Li Tian is not competing this year?

GiLoCatur said...

from what I heard, he has an exam in Singapore. He will be studying in the country like his elder brother, Li Yuan.

Anonymous said...

Such a pity. Good Selangor team again this year though.