Sunday, June 5, 2011

MSSM Chess Championship 2011 (Part 9) - Post Analysis 1

MSSM Chess Championship for 2011 edition is over yesterday. The winners were happy to be on the podium receiving their medals and prizes. The chess athletes had been fought very hard over the chess boards. The champions were surely excited and joyful. Let's see the performance based on the medal distribution.

In 2010, Pulau Pinang won the most gold medals when winning all the team events for B12 and B15 both boys and girls. While Selangor dominated the Individual category by winning three out of the total 6. Wilayah Persekutuan just managed one gold medal from the L15 Individual category. However, the three chess dominating states were not the champions in the B18 sections both boys and girls. Sabah, Perak, Melaka and Johor each won a category in the B18 division.

In 2011, Wilayah Persekutuan became top in winning the most gold medals when it managed to win four gold medals, all in the team events. The state's strategy is to put all the best players in the team event sacrificing the individual event. Thus, WP gained three more gold medals compared to only one in previous year. Pulau Pinang dropped one gold medal from 4 last year to just 3 this year. It won one in the Individual category and two in the team category. Selangor just maintained the number of gold medals which is three, all in the Individual section. The state missed the best chance of winning a gold medal in the L15 team category. Had the team draw with its last round opponent, Selangor would have four gold medals instead of Wilayah Persekutuan. Melaka maintained its one gold medal tally after Alia defended her title in the P18 Individual category. Kedah performed better than last year based on the medal distribution. This year, it managed to win one gold, one silver and one bronze. Last year it won only a bronze medal. This year the Fuad siblings - both Sirajuddin and his sister Fairuz, are the key contributors. Last year, both of them did not take part.

Once again, Selangor becomes the overall champion in the MSSM Chess Championship after collecting 120+ points. As far as GiLoCatur concern, it is a hattrick since 2009. It is not  based on the most gold medals won to decide the overall champion. And it is also not really based on the number of medals. It is based on a point system. 

note : based on the unofficial results of

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