Thursday, February 12, 2009


MSSD Petaling Perdana chess tournament had just completed yesterday. It was a two-day event held at SMK SSAAS (Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah) in Section 2, Shah Alam. The 8-round tournament was held in Dewan Tun Sri Lanang of the hosting school. Three rounds had been played on the first day which was on 10th February whereas the other five had been carried out on the second day, Wednesday 11th February.

The tournament is divided into four categories - Boys 18, Girls 18, Boys 15 and Girls 15. Boys 18 category attracted the most participants. 169 players from more than 4o schools took part for the category. Boys 15 category follows with 121 participants from 32 schools. The girls category had lower participants where Girls 18 had 84 players from 25 schools while Girls 15 just had 75 players from 22 different schools. 

The lower participation from girls shall be studied since most schools are co-ed. Is it girls do not (and can not) play (or have interest) chess as the boys? Or is it the girls are more focus on their studying than the boys? GiLoCatur hopes the relevant authority and parties like Jabatan Pendidikan, PPD and schools will look into this matter seriously in order to bring back the glory in Malaysian schools co-curriculum, sports in the country and provide opportunities for our young generation to develop their capability, skills and talent. GiLocatur also challenge all the girls in Malaysia to excel in all aspects of co-curriculum similar to the boys. 

And below are the winners for each category. The top four winners from each category will represent Petaling Perdana District in the next Selangor (state-level) Chess Championship to be held in Sepang from 23rd to 26th February.

Boys 18
  1. Joshua (SMK Subang Utama)
  2. M Bukhari (SMK Seri Indah)
  3. Azwan Ansori (SMK Alam Megah 2)
  4. Ang Jian Yao (SMK USJ 12)
  5. Eng Pi Xern (SMK Seafield)
  6. Shahrul Amin (SMK Seksyen 24)
  7. M Razuqni M Razali (SMK Seksyen 7)
  8. Yong Bang Xian (SMK Taman Sri Muda)
  9. Teh Wee Zhun (SMK USJ 12)
  10. M Syafiq Aminudin (SAM TTAJ)

Girls 18
  1. Musfirah (SAM TTAJ)
  2. Choong Sy Yiing (SMK SubangUtama)
  3. Hazirah (SMK Seksyen 9)
  4. Atiya Najiyah (SMK Seksyen 19)
  5. Siti Hajar (SAM TTAJ)
  6. Nur Syuhada (SAM Bestari)
  7. Nur Asyiqin (SAM Bestari)
  8. Lim Wei Mund (SMK Seafield)
  9. Chim Ei Lynn (SMK USJ 8)
  10. Nurhusnina (SMK Seksyen 18)

Boys 15
  1. Low Jun Jian (SMK USJ 12)
  2. Fikri Bin Saleh (SMK Seksyen 18)
  3. M Iskandar (SMK Seksyen 19)
  4. Low Jun Keat (SMK USJ 12)
  5. Samuel Tan WK (SMK Subang Jaya)
  6. Ashman Raziuddin (SMK Bukit Jelutong)
  7. Tiam Wen Yong (SMK Subang Utama)
  8. Chen Chuin Hao (SMK Subang Utama)
  9. A Hafiz Amri (SMK TTDI Jaya)
  10. Samuel (SMK Subang Utama)

Girls 15
  1. Winnie Hong (SMK Bukit Jelutong)
  2. Vickie Hong (SMK Bukit Jelutong)
  3. Nur Fariha M Jamri (SAM Bestari)
  4. Nurul Adlina (SMK Seri Indah)
  5. Nur Amalina (SAM TTAJ)
  6. Nur Khairunnisa (SMK SSAAS)
  7. Nur Raidah (SMK Seri Indah)
  8. Nur Irsalina (SMK Bukit Jelutong)
  9. Amirah Fazira (SMK Bukit Jelutong)
  10. Nurul Atiqa (SAM Bestari)

School Team Winners

Boys 18
  1. SMK USJ 12
  2. SMK Subang Utama
  3. SMK Seafield (A)

Girls 18
  2. SAM Bestari
  4. SMK USJ 8

Boys 15
  1. SMK Subang Utama (B)
  2. SMK USJ 12 (A)
  3. SAM Bestari
  4. SMK Bukit Jelutong

Girls 15
  1. SMK Bukit Jelutong
  2. SAM Bestari
  3. SMK Seri Indah

Below are some of GiLoCatur's observation on the results of the MSSD Petaling Perdana (secondary schools) tournament.

  • There are few sibblings among the winners especially to represent the PP District - Low Jun Jian and Low Jun Keat (Boys 15), Winnie and Vicky Hong (Girls 15), and M Bukhari (Boys 18) and Nurul Adlina (Girls 15)
  • SMK Bukit Jelutong has strong Under 15 teams while SAM TTAJ has strong Under 18 teams
  • SMK Bukit Jelutong Girls 15 team is so dominant where all its team members are among the top 10 winners
  • SMK SSAAS has strong Girls teams whereas SMK USJ 12 has strong Boys teams
  • SAM Bestari has strong teams in all categories except Boys 18

TAHNIAH! to all the winners. GOOD LUCK! to all players who will represent the PP District in the state-level chess championship. For those who are not among the winners list, DO NOT GIVE UP. LEARN and PRACTICE MORE. BE SERIOUS IN CHESS. DO NOT JUST PARTICIPATE TO GET THE CERTS. BECAUSE CHESS HAS LOTS OF BENEFITS AND WILL HELP THEM IN THEIR STUDYING.

GiLoCatur also hopes that the school chess club teachers will be more serious in their school chess teams by providing chess facilities and programs, chess coaching and practices and chess tournaments experiences.

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